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jonnyquesty2k's Journal

11 October 1987
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Hello everyone. My name is Saad or alchemist11 in the anime and manga community.

I am a student studying Architecture in Toronto, Canada. I am British, Canadian as well as Asian (non-oriental).

Apart from watching and reading anime and manga, respectively, I fan-sub too. I fan-sub anime into English with the group named ray=out. In fact, I am the group manager, leader, and finance administrator. ray=out anime fan-sub and manga services has been around the scene since 2006, while I have been part of the scene since 2007. We also have a manga division.

We at ray=out focus primarily on random non-subbed or uncared for anime such as Konnichiha Anne ~Before Green Gables~ and Maicchingu Machiko Sense, to name a few. We are a rather small group of people, contrary to our team listing and we are always looking for new people to help us so we can release faster. We also do requests, as we have done in the past, so if you want to see something subbed, request it on our forum and we'll check it out. Make sure to follow our guidelines before you post your request. Requests can be old, new, or even anime other groups have failed to complete.

As of a few months ago, we are available on Facebook too. We have a page on there dedicated to providing the latest updates in regards to our projects, such as the status and the release of it before it is available on BitTorrent. Any new project we decide to pick up are announced on there too. You can also find us on YouTube (/rayoutfansubs), where trailers of our projects and other videos will be available in the near future and of course, our web-site (see my profile web-site). We are not available on twitter, however, so please don't search for us there.

I personally also hire translators to do commission work for myself, but at the moment, they are only anime. Furthermore, if you are a translator that wants to work for pay, i.e. translate anime for pay as a career, get in touch with me. I know a person in Japan that is a recruiter and is looking for translators to hire. The interview process is pretty difficult at times, so you knowledge in Japanese must be better than most. Preferably JLPT level 2 or above. If you have self-taught Japanese and no schooling, you may not get hired as you will need to submit your Resume/CV as well. However, if you have a year or more translation experience (whether voluntary or commission), you may be able to override this.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, feel free to send a message or email me, at jonnyquesty2k[at]gmail.com. If you would like to contribute and help ray=out, email me at the following address: rayoutfansubs[at]gmail.com. Cheers.