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August 9th, 2010


It's official!
8/8/2010 - The day I officially became an uncle. Last year around the exact same time, except a few days prior, I became an uncle with the birth of a boy from one of my cousins and this year, yesterday, I became an uncle again but officially. :)

My eldest sister gave birth to her first child (a baby boy) and my parents became grandparents for the first time directly within the family... Now they are considered "old" in my mind. I am really happy for my sister and my brother-in-law. I still have yet to see my nephew while my father, mother, and two other sisters have seen the boy. I guess the reason to that is simply because I was worried or tired.

Last night, around 1 AM to 4 AM, I was with my sister in her apartment helping with her chores along with my other sisters when she suddenly had labour pains... My second sister (eldest sister is older than me, while the others are younger) called my mother (we live in the same building but different floors) to come to the apartment. My mother came, examined my sister and decided to call my father (to pick them up and go to the hospital) and my bro-in-law (to let him know about the situation). After my eldest sister and mother left, my bro-in-law came home in the middle of work and left with some things to the hospital.

During that time, I was a) surfing the web, or b) playing with my PSP all through the night so I forgot about the time and didn't feel like sleeping until at around 5-7 AM... At around... Some time, no idea when the baby was born, have to ask my mother... My youngest sister called me up while I was still sleeping to let me know my eldest sister gave birth and my sisters would be going to see her and the child. I was still in a daze at that time, so I kept on sleeping (and finally woke up at around 4 PM). The long sleep was due to the fact that I slept briefly at my sisters apartment extremely uncomfortably and then again at my cozy bed with my soft pillow.

I'm hoping to visit my sister and my nephew today after I sleep... Lol.

P.S. I don't have pictures, but all those that want to see, leave a reply and I'll contact you personally via email or MSN. Cheers.

April 28th, 2010


Just to update as a post, if you don't know already or do, my blog is located on the my.opera site here along with many of the pictures I have personally taken and other pictures (if you join the site and befriend me, you can see images of the mural project work I took part in, including what I look like, though won't confirm who I am). I post there whenever I can regarding pretty much anything except matters related with race, ethnicity, gender, etc. Those are issues I will not ever discuss (again), due to long term debates and other things which I can get hated for, so I will only stick with politics, conspiracies, anime, and related media such as manga and movies.

An upcoming issue I will address and provide my opinion on is regarding the Loli-Shota Debate that started from the law the government of Japan is trying to create to the effects on Google and Google Ads in North America and other parts of the world which have made it illegal and people related to it may face serious consequences.

Another issue I will be talking about is the phrase, "anime is dying/anime is dead" which many people that work for American/British licensors have been saying. Whether it is in fact true, or some stupid hullaballo they are creating to entice the ignorant minority that "Dubs or American licenses fund anime in Japan and needs to continue or it will fall."

So, do read them and comment on them with your opinion, it would be nice to know what people other than the people I know (fansubbers) think of those two issues. Especially people who actually buy Dubs/licensed DVD's. Female opinion greatly regarded.

February 28th, 2010

Let's try again...

My LiveJournal blogging didn't work so well, so I'm going to try again but this time a change of subject. I know there are many people on LiveJournal that know Japanese or want to know, but don't know about fansubbing/scanlating or how to join or learn... So hopefully someone keen will come across my blog and contact me as I provide services to learn pretty much anything related with fansubbing and scanlating... Anyhow, here is a small bio about myself so that you know me better.

My name is Saad, which means "Good Luck," ;) while my pseudonym is jonnyquesty2k as taken from my Gmail and MSN address. I am 22 years of age as of October 11. I attend post-secondary in Toronto, Canada. My goal is to become an Architect and sometime in my life also pursue to become an Elementary School Teacher. To those interested in the type of Architecture I like, visit my Facebook group here. It is currently the largest Facebook group in terms of the members interested in the particular type of buildings and growing everyday.

My hobbies and interests are playing games such as Badminton, Chess, AoE (Age of Empires), RoN (Rise of Nations), and watching Japanese and Chinese media, i.e. anime, movies, etc. I'm also a very BIG Sony fanatic, apart from M$ Strategy games. My background covers three continents. North America, Europe and Asia. Specifically, I am South Asian via birth, British via family members and childhood, and as of where I currently reside, Canadian.

I hang out on the internet (i.e. IRC & MSN) nearly 24 hours, though may not be available all the time due to school or sleep/the loo/food/etc. Because of my interests I try to submit time towards something called fansubbing. The wikipedia article here has a very nice explanation about it. I am particularly part of the Japanese anime fansubbing community, so don't ask me about Live-Action material, as I don't know much about it. More information about anime fansubbing can be found here, my website. An English fansub group for Japanese media. At the moment, I along with various other anonymous people are subbing unknown anime or anime that gets no love at all in the subbing community - Deltora Quest, Konnichiwa Anne ~Before Green Gables~, and a few others (note that, we are always looking for more staff members in the form of Quality Checker, Translators, Editors (people with UK English education) and others, so please do help us out if you think you can.

On IRC, I hang around in several channels under my fansubbing alias. Even though most people are known to be from North America and Europe, I find IRC a great tool to meet (get to know socially) different people of different backgrounds, as in real life, it's really hard to socialise with new people out of the blue when you are busy studying, especially if they don't take the exact same class as you. This is even more difficult when trying to meet more otaku friends. I personally dislike "out of the blue" introductions to meet new people. Heck, if you are lucky, you can even meet some of the people you chat with. I have personally met Edward_K which almost everyone on the English fansubbing network knows about because of his tracker system and the famous TT (Tokyo Toshokan) website. I plan to meet others someday: pablo212 (from Rumbel and Flomp), DeiLight (from Nuke-Fansubs), and Teny (doesn't fansub any more). And if you are even more lucky, you can come across Native Japanese, get their email address and perhaps even meet them someday (provided you have a good relation with them).

Anyways, I'll end here.

Until next time. Ja ne .
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